Applause Network TV, Inc.

Applause Network TV, Inc. is an American company that originated in Brooklyn, New York. The company was formed in the year, 2010, by Regina Dawn Braggs, the President and Chair of the Board. The company is a majority-owned African-American and Women-owned New York corporation.  

Applause Network TV, Inc., is a streaming service that provides its own original content. The company has a Roku channel. Its consumer offerings include pay per view films, virtual games, and live broadcasting of concerts and sporting events.

The JOBS Act expansion plans of the company will provide capital for its three-year expansion plan

With the opening of this website, in January, 2021, the company kicks off its capital raising campaign. The company will make its first offering in the public capital markets, with the filing of a JOBS Act Form Reg. D offering. The offering is in the process of being implemented. Thus, this website will be updated as the project progresses.