Company History

Applause Network TV, Inc. was formed more than ten years ago in Brooklyn, New York. 

The company is an American-owned, African-American, Women-owned business.

At the time of formation, with the shift in population, where millennials were moving in, the company’s location there provided a perfect venue to capture the new streaming video market.

Applause Network TV, Inc., presented itself as a company that would originate and produce local skits, highlighting the talents of young artists. As the company has grown, company executives have been able to enter into collaborative relationships with members of the creative arts sector, including directors, writers and producers. 

The company soon entered into the distribution side of the business, with a continuing focus on millennials. By this stage, live streaming became a part of the company’s core business. 

In 2018, Applause Network TV, Inc. produced and released its first feature film, How Racism Ended.

At present, the plan is to produce on-demand content that is original, copyrighted, and ready for production and release on its platform.  Applause Network TV, Inc. will also incorporate a high impact international marketing campaign enabling its ability to increasingly become competitive in the streaming industry.   

To that end, the board of directors of Applause Network TV, Inc., has authorized the JOBS Act – Form Reg. D offering, described in this website.